Resorts, Cruises, and Other Hot Vacation Spots

The following are just a sample of the wonderful places you can visit, enjoy, and have tons of fun at!  Please call Debbie Rose at the Travel Center or one of her other travel agents for more information or prices as prices change daily.



Here is the idyllic place to slow down, live in the moment, get lost in golden shores and swaying palms or smooth white stretches and cerulean seas… and find yourself or each other.  A beautiful place for weddings or honeymoons, Mexican resorts and hotels are the ultimate in romantic.  Between the Mexican Caribbean Sea and its Pacific shores exists the perfect paradise to enjoy.

From the huge range of options of hotels and resorts, you can easily discover the place – and time – you were meant to be in.  Discover the mystery of the ancient Mayan culture on Riviera Maya, or make it Puerto Vallarta for a true taste of authentic Mexico.

Stay forever young, fueled by the powerful energy of Cancun, or tap into the untamed elegance of Los Cabos.  Live the dream, even if only for a week.  Your journey starts here.  Call Travel Center for further details, choices of resorts, and prices.


The South Pacific Islands

(Tahiti, Fiji, & Cook Islands)

Whether you’re seeking the ultimate honeymoon experience, a romantic escape for two or the family vacation of a lifetime, it’s hard to imagin a more idyllic paradise than the South Pacific.

Tahiti offers islands crowned with majestic, emerald peaks, translucent turquoise waters and iconic overwater bungalows that are as luxurious as they are intimate.

Home to the friendliest people on earth, explore the cobalt waters of Fiji, renowned for their soft coral diving, or stroll white-sand beaches kissed by the island breeze.

The best-kept secret of the Pacific, discover cool, calm, blue lagoons, lush vegetation and the quintessential Polynesian experience in the Cook Islands.

Say “I do” in an overwater wedding chapel with a stunning view or renew your vows on a palm-fringed beach at sunset.  Tahiti, Fiji and Cook Islands offer wedding ceremonies legally recognized in the United States.

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Visit Italy for the aroma for fresh Italian cooking, locals adorned in couture, and historic sites at every turn.  See famous museums and art, or enjoy the abundance of theaters, churches and historic sites.

Vacation in England to tour the Tower of London, gorge on fish ‘n’ chips at a local pub, and explore the world-class British Museum.

Stop at France and its famous Louvre and Musee d’Orsay museums, monuments such as the Eiffel Tower and the Arc do Triomphe.  Eat the delicious french cuisine.

Be awed by the beautiful German and/or Scottish castles.

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Visit Africa and soak in the beautiful and spectacular nature that will surround you.  See panoramic views from incredible waterfalls to gorgeous rocky coastlines.

Take a guided safari to see game and wildlife in their natural habitat.  Or choose to join your ranger for a bush walk to learn more about the native flora and how to identify animals by their footprints while observing them from a safe distance.

Lodges are stylishly furnished with many great amenities including a bar/lounge, gym, lap pool, and sophisticated spas and wellness centers.

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Beautiful Australia has the best of many things: diving in the world’s largest coral reef with its amazing marine life, exploring its oldest rain forests, marveling at some of the most rare and extraordinary animals in the world, and engaging with the aborigines, descendants of one Australia’s longest surviving culture.

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Taking a tour in China will steep you in China’s wealth of culture, history and natural marvels.  China is an intriguing land that immerses you in 5,000 years of history an civilization while at the same time dazzling you with its ultramodern architecture.

China also tempts you with its regional cuisines, enrishes you with its one of a kind experiences and awes you with its natural beauty.  The trip of a lifetime awaits you in China.

See the panda bears, the famous ancient terracotta army, the Great Wall, or the Li River.

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What better vacation than to spend it at one of Disney’s theme park or cruise trips?

Walt Disney World offers theme park vacations throughout the world and four different cruise lines.  Book a travel package to the Walt Disney World Resort or a Disney cruise line in Europe, West Coast, Hawaii, Alaska, Caribbean, Bahamas, and various other unique voyages.

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